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Announcement from WholiSound Products

WholiSound Products is no longer selling the WholiSound Serenity Box™ to the general public.  We have instead decided to search for a licensing partner with the resources to bring the benefits of Acoustopathic™ technology to a wider population.

We would like to heartily thank all our customers, dealers, suppliers, and staff.  Together we have truly changed lives by giving people a natural way to reduce the stress and pain that was negatively affecting them. 

We are still dedicated to spreading the word about Acoustopathic sound.  If you know of a company which might be interested in promoting this life-changing technology, please contact us.  We will be licensing Patent 9,457,166.

Whatever Works Wellness Center will be providing support to our current customers.  We will honor all warranties. 


If your system is out of warranty and needs repair, we will do so at a reasonable cost to you.  If you need a new Boosteroo amplifier, you may purchase one directly from our supplier at the manufacturer's website.

WholiSound Products, Inc.

Whatever Works Wellness Center

White Willow School of Tai Chi

7433 Montgomery Road

Cincinnati, OH  45236


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